About Us

Aaron_DanforthSince 2004 Bon Vivant Merchants has directed its steps toward one express goal: that of providing the restauranteurs, wineshop proprietors and, thereby, the wine drinking public of Portland, Oregon with some of the finest organic and biodynamic wines now being produced in France.

Lynn Prince and Aaron Danforth have endeavored over these ten years to gather together a portfolio of unique vigneronnes and vignerons whose commitment to their craft brooks no compromise. They to a person espouse that wine is almost entirely made in the vineyard and that what occurs in the cellar is often mere formality given healthy fruit to work with.

Lynn_PrinceWe are not the first to undertake this effort. Neither are we alone in limiting our partnership to those vintners who have made a commitment to natural winemaking. We are among the very smallest direct importers in the country.

The wines we represent are not abundantly produced and supply is often limited. Rarely do we import more than 15 cases of any one cuvée. Further, it is our ambition to represent some of the more esoteric bottlings our vintners are sending forth into the world. There is gamay being grown in the Mâcon which rivals the best of Morgon. One can get Savignin done in a fresh style from Arbois. The wines of the French Moselle do still exist.

It has been a privilege and a joy to come to know and work with the wines and the people profiled herein. May we continue to supply the connoisseurs of Portland with these unique and beautiful wines.