Domaine Guillot-Broux

Guillot-Broux_0163Domaine Guillot-Broux, encompassing 16 hectares in the villages of Cruzille and Grevilly, is now overseen third-generationally by the brothers Guillot. Adhering to organic principles since its naissance in 1954, it has been certified as such since 1991. The domaine is producing an array of wines from the chardonnay, pinot noir and gamay varietals. The whites are categorically of the highest order, combining a pitch perfect balance between acidity, minerality and hints of citrus and tropical fruits. The wines are allowed to age for 11 months or more in oak barrels, of which 10% are new.

Guillot-Broux_0156Red varietals are not broadly grown in the Mâcon but the Guillots are achieving unqualified success with their pinots and gamays. The Domaine reds are all very approachable, very bright. ‘La Myotte’ (pinot) is both delicate and concentrated. Comparable to many of its more northerly brethren, this wine is found largely in the restaurants of Paris. ‘Beaumont’ (gamay) is a wine alive with acidity and cherry fruit. A rival to the best of the Beaujolais cru wines.

Arguably the premier producer in the Mâcon.